Cheers to another 30 Years!
Cheers to another 30 Years!
Eikon Legacy

Cheers to another 30 Years!

No speeches… or Marvel-esque origin stories… We want to turn the spotlight on those who’ve helped make this milestone even possible.

Cheers to another 30 Years!


As we get ready to light candles to celebrate our Anniversary, we’re feeling some extra gratitude. Not many companies are lucky enough to need a fire extinguisher handy to light up 30 candles… So, we hope you’ll celebrate with us because we wouldn’t still be here without you.

No speeches… or Marvel-esque origin stories… We want to turn the spotlight on those who’ve helped make this milestone even possible.

Our Customers are the F*CKIN’ BEST!

Starting with our very first customer (RIP Keith Stewart), to artists as far away as Whitehorse and St. John, to the artists who’ve helped us by giving feedback on products, designed art for us, participated in our wacky marketing ideas, all of you who welcome us so warmly at conventions and those who just joined us yesterday. We are so f*cking lucky to be a part of this incredible extended family known as the tattoo industry!

It Takes A Bunch Of Crazy Passionate People

Keeping tattoo supplies on the shelves may sound deceptively simple – BUT there are a lot of moving parts, and it requires like-minded Artists, Brands and Manufacturers to make sure the “I Only Use The Best” mantra stays true!

…and hey, while we’re at it - a shout out to our competitors – yeah it may sound strange but with a lot more of them out there, it keeps us from getting lazy and keeps us hungry for finding new ways to do better for you.



We’ve Got Your Backs!

We also can’t thank our EIKON team enough, from the team in the warehouse to our outstanding Customer Service crew and everyone in between. Without them, the shelves would be empty, the emails/phones unanswered, the orders left unpicked, and this place would be a whole lot less fun. So, thank you for having all of our backs!


So much has changed in the last 30 years — gone are the days you had to pretend to be a dentist to obtain bibs or call in your order from an annual catalogue (bet some shops still have one in their washroom). One thing remains the same though – we’re still passionate about tattooing and yes, as geeky as it sounds…tattoo supplies.

CELEBRATE WITH US – Tell US How long YOU’ve been #PoweredbyEikon?

Starting in April, we’ll include a special sticker with every order, and we’d love to see how long you’ve been Powered by Eikon!

Draw or write the year you first started getting your supplies from us, or when you got your first EIKON power supply and celebrate #Eikon30YRS with us!

We would love to see artists representing EVERY YEAR since '94! When you participate, we’ll send you a quick thank you email with a few perks ;)

There’s more in store for 2024

We can’t wait to see you on the convention circuit and chat about the new products we’re bringing to the store! We’ll be launching new merch (yes finally!), stickers and having some fun along the way. We hope you’ll join us!

The best way to not miss out on anything is by following us on Instagram, and making sure you receive our emails!

We look forward to where the next 30 years will take tattooing, and you.

On behalf of all of Eikon – Cheers to another 30 Years!


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How Long Have YOU Been #PoweredbyEIKON?