Holiday Closure Hours
Holiday Closure Hours

Holiday Closure Hours

2022 is wrapping up and like last year we’re shutting down the shop for the holidays to give our team some time to relax, and hopefully spend time with their non-tattoo family.

Holiday Closure Hours


What does this mean for you?

Eikon will be closed from Monday, December 26 until Tuesday, January 3rd

  • December 22 is the last day orders leave our warehouse until Jan 3rd
  • Orders placed by NOON on Dec 22 will be shipped same day
  • Orders placed after 12PM EST on December 22nd and during the holiday season, will begin physically shipping on January 3rd. NOTE: Tracking numbers will be issued on the 23rd but only be updated on Jan 3rd.
  • We are open on the 23rd & can still take orders, calls, chats, etc. Nothing ships out, but we're still here if you need us or want to wish us happy holidays.
  • Any repairs shipped back to us during the closure will be received when we reopen

Insider tips

  • Place your orders early to avoid them being held hostage on a UPS truck over the Christmas break. You know your area and driver better than we do, but check the Canada or US links to learn the expected shipping timeframes for your location. (no promises, it's all guesswork when it comes to shipping over the holidays, Ricardo is still waiting for his Roboman figure from Christmas 1996).
  • If you are placing a last minute order and your shop is closed during the holidays – you may want to change your order shipping address to avoid misdeliveries and the worst Christmas gift of all... Frozen Ink.
  • Think your order fell off the sleigh? Use UPS MyChoice & FedEx delivery Manager services to check order status, change addresses and reroute packages.

If you didn’t find the answer you’re looking for yet – visit our brand new HELP CENTER and search away! It holds answers to the most essential things in life, no joke.

If you have an urgent inquiry during the holiday period, you can email with the Subject line: URGENT, and they’ll do their best to get back to you as soon as possible. The Customer Service team will be back online to take care of non-urgent inquiries beginning at 9:00 AM EST on January 3rd, 2023.

Once the gifts have all been unwrapped, the turkey slept off, and the last tear wiped away after your favourite holiday movie, sneak in some tattoo retail therapy by checking out our all new Web Store - it’s ALWAYS open, so you can browse 24/7 while sipping scotch (lots of scotch, or eggnog if that’s your thing) and recovering from that family... we mean turkey hangover.

We wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season… See you in 2023.

Cheers! ...from all of us at Eikon

Courier Information:


  • December 24th to 27th: No service
  • December 28th to 30th: Packages moving normally
  • December 31st - January 2nd: No service



  • December 24th-25th: No service
  • December 26th-30th: Packages moving normally
  • December 31st - January 1st: No service
  • January 2nd: Packages moving normally


  • December 24th-26th: No service
  • December 27th-29th: Packages moving normally
  • December 30th - January 2nd: No service

Local Courier

  • Dec 24-Jan 3: No Deliveries

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