Hub City Tattoo Expo 2022 Recap
Hub City Tattoo Expo 2022 Recap

Hub City Tattoo Expo 2022 Recap

Hub City Tattoo Expo, an East Coast tradition that’s been running for eight years, is definitely a much appreciated calm port in the storm that is convention season, even in the wake of Fiona... It's a show that you need to add to your 2023 event list.

Hub City Tattoo Expo 2022 Recap


We’re just about to pack up and head off again, this time West to the Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival, after having just arrived back from The Hub City Tattoo Expo held at the Moncton Coliseum. These shows feel two worlds (and a country) apart, but in terms of the quality of tattooing, they couldn’t be closer.

The weekend in Moncton started with a gathering at a cool pinball spot called the @xeroz_arcade_bar, where we saw friends we haven’t seen in years (thanks/no thanks to you know what...). What a great feeling!

Patrick with show organizers Melissa and Brad Dawe

Melissa was there and @braddawe’s flamboyant hair was there to welcome us all, along with a bunch of artists ready to mingle. I do believe the “Dance Machine” was the most coveted arcade machine around, just ask the @springfevertattoo crew :P

What seemed to be only a few loonies later, and so much fun, we ended up starting Friday off the way we always do… helping artists get ready for “doors open”. Whether they came by to stock up, check out what's new or simply shoot the shit, we had a blast catching up with the East Coast tattoo community… or simply put, friends! Who knew Hub City would be such a smooth and emotional weekend?

To those who stopped by the booth, thank you!. We saw you guys working all weekend and appreciate that you spent the little down time you had hanging out, asking questions and talking tattooing. It was an all-round good vibe!

Hub City Expo Trophies
This year’s Hub City Expo trophies for tattoo of the day

About that vibe… WOW! The smiles! Everyone was happy to gather once more at the Moncton Coliseum. This expo is among the coolest and most vibrant shows that have taken place this year. With 120 talented artists from all parts of Canada drawn to this spot simply because we love it! People wanted to get tattooed, and tattooers wanted to hang out with friends, or as Brad Dawe puts it; Family.

From Ontario to the far, far, East Coast, top tattooing was happening with a surreal sound of coil tattoo machines buzzing that we don't hear very often these days… (Don’t you miss you that?)

‘Magine a room filled with happiness and fresh tattoos; that’s Hub City. We were so, SO glad to see the community's love for tattoos coming out to support the artists who weren't able to do this for nearly 3 years! It’s been a reoccurring trend throughout 2022.

To Brad, Melissa and the Hub City 2022 crew, thank you! Thank you to everyone who came by to chat or to get some tattoo supplies. We love you, you’re awesome!

Cheers to the next one!


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