The Best Time to Buy Tattoo Ink Is NOW!
The Best Time to Buy Tattoo Ink Is NOW!

The Best Time to Buy Tattoo Ink Is NOW!

We’re very proud to offer tattoo artists the widest selection of brands of tattoo ink in Canada. We carry Fusion Ink, Eternal Ink, Solid Ink, Silverback, World Famous and Dermaglo Ink.

The Best Time to Buy Tattoo Ink Is NOW!


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Some brands have discontinued certain bottle sizes. We’re now clearing them out! Check the clearance section of our website to see what colours are available. Clearance prices as marked.

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The Best Tattoo Supply Store in Canada to Buy Tattoo Ink

We’re very proud to offer tattoo artists the widest selection of brands of inks in Canada. We carry Fusion Ink, Eternal Ink, Solid Ink, Silverback Ink, World Famous Ink and Dermaglo Ink.

Are you seeking vibrant colours and inks? Our store has the perfect selection for you. Your work will really pop with these tried and true dynamic colours and radiant inks. Find the best red ink, the brightest yellow ink, the best white pigment, the blackest black ink and more...

Don’t see a colour you need? We're happy to special order those colours for you. There's no extra charge. That’s how we roll…

Fusion Ink at Eikon Tattoo Supply

Why Fusion Ink?

Fusion Ink is tattoo artist, and family run. We’re proud to be the first place Fusion Ink called home (in Canada anyways). Artists have been getting their Fusion Ink fix from us for nearly 10 years. We offer the entire Fusion Ink Standard series, as well as 14 of their specialty sets.

What Artists Love About Fusion Ink...

Higher pigment load for brighter colours, longer

Fusion Ink’s 180+ colours are renowned for their luminosity and great colour intensity. They carry a much higher pigment load than many other inks on the market today, and contain less filler.

You’ll quickly see and feel the difference when you put needle and ink to skin. Fusion Ink goes in smoothly, requires fewer passes and heals bright. They’re also completely organic, and vegan safe.

Fusion Ink Best Sellers:

Don't forget to check out the Fusion Ink artist specialty sets. These feature collections from top artists like Ben Kaye, Juan Salgado, and Deano Cook.

World Famous at Eikon Device

Why World Famous Ink?

We stock the entire World Famous Ink Standard Series, (Yes, all 139 colours) in 1oz and 2oz bottles. We also offer their Black tattoo ink and White tattoo ink in a 4oz size. This makes World Famous Ink one of the largest colour lines we offer.

World Famous Ink is the result of a tattooing bloodline that’s been in the game for over 50 yrs. Lou Rubino Jr. and the World Famous family bring decades of experience, and a lifetime of work in tattooing.

They use a proprietary formula that fuses the highest quality inks with the solid, core viscosity of every colour.

What Artists Love About World Famous Ink...

Gamma radiation sterilized

Vegan and cruelty-free, World Famous Inks are sterilized using gamma radiation and pass the resAP2008 regulations for Europe.

Artists who use World Famous Ink love it because it goes in easy and looks great. It heals well and evenly, and is recommended for tattooers who like to achieve heavy saturation with minimal passes.

World Famous Ink Best Sellers

World Famous Ink colours that are popular with artists include:

World Famous Ink compared to other brands

Tattoo artists repeatedly tell us that World Famous Ink runs a little thinner than Eternal Ink and Fusion Ink. They find the ink viscosity compares with brands like Waverly Ink. Something to keep in mind when deciding if World Famous Ink is right for you.

Eternal Ink  Ink at Eikon Tattoo Supply

Why Eternal Ink?

A staple on Eikon shelves since 2008 and in artists' hearts since 2004. Eternal Ink was originally developed by tattooer Terry Welker. Terry experienced first-hand the limitations of traditional ink; the challenge of colour mixing and matching, as well as questionable product quality (shit was crazy back then). He recognized the need for an ever-expanding, multi-coloured, quality line of tattoo ink.

They set strict standards for product consistency, quality ingredients, and outstanding performance for their wide selection of tattoo ink colours. All Eternal tattoo ink colours are sterilized, and certified by an independent laboratory.

What Artists Love About Eternal Ink...

Tried and trusted colour that lasts

Eternal is the largest line-up of inks we currently carry, with over 200 certified sterile colours to choose from! Artists love Eternal Tattoo Ink for its consistent quality and healed results that last.

Eternal Ink Best Sellers

We offer many of Eternal Ink’s standard colours. These include popular shades such as:

There are many more to choose from.

Explore Eternal Ink Specialty Sets…

We also carry several Eternal Ink specialty sets. The Liz Cook and Myke Chambers signature series are just two of the artist sets we offer. Also available are Eternal's Muted Earth Tones series, Vintage Ink set, and their EU Compliant Gray Wash set.

Dermaglo at Eikon Tattoo Supply


UK-based Dermaglo Ink has been quietly doing their thing for over 40 years. They’re renowned for how effortlessly their 24 micro-dispersed pigments can be worked into the skin.

What Artists Love About Dermaglo Ink...

Smaller ink particles lead to faster healing. This reduces scabbing and scarring, and improves pigment retention. As a result, your work will remain sharper and brighter for longer.

Dermaglo Ink Best Sellers

Artists who use Dermaglo tattoo ink can’t get enough of colours like:

Where to Find Dermaglo Ink in Canada

Eikon tattoo supply is one of only two suppliers in North America that carry the Dermaglo Ink line. We're the only authorized supplier in Canada. We’ve been selling it in our store for over 15 years. To see the full Dermaglo Ink colour palette, click here.

Solid Ink at Eikon Device

Why Solid Ink?

The brainchild of “ink-obsessed” tattooer Frederico Ferroni. It's been a fixture in the Eikon Store since 2015.

Solid Ink was originally brought to our attention by a group of Montreal artists. They'd been using it for years, so we added it to our lineup. Ask, and you shall receive...

What Artists Love About Solid Ink...

Killer Colour Saturation without “Killer” Ingredients

Solid Ink’s colour palette is the perfect mix of muted earth tones and bright traditional colours. They can be seen in the work of some of Canada’s best NeoTrad and Classic Japanese-style artists.

Solid Ink is vegan and made from high-quality, all-natural ingredients. It has no carcinogens, reprotoxins, mutagens or preservatives. Colours are vibrant and super-concentrated for optimal saturation and “solid”, bold healed tattoos.

Solid Ink Best Sellers

Originally a 50-colour set, Solid Ink has since expanded to include over 60 standard colours and 6 special sets. Artists often reach for colours like:

Explore Solid Ink specialty sets…

Be sure to explore Solid Ink specialty sets. They feature top artists like Tim Hendricks and Chris Garver, Horitomo and the new Billy Decola Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Set.

Is There An Ink You’d Like Us To Carry?

We'll keep expanding our ink selection based on the colours you request. If you already have a colour in mind, tell us about it. We’d love to hear from you. Reach out to our Customer Service team via chat, email or phone!


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