Art Noir Tattoo Towel Dispenser

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Product Description

The Art Noir Tattoo Towel and Dispenser system was designed to streamline the tattooing process, saving you time and money while keeping your workstation clean and sanitary. Choose between their Standard towels, which are a step up from over-the-counter brands, or the Art Noir Premium Towels. Think of these as shop towels… but for tattooing.

The Art Noir Tattoo Towel Dispenser is equipped to hold and easily dispenser two full packs of either the Standard or Premium towels (thats 300 Standard Towels or 180 Premium Towels) and can easily be mounted on a wall, your station and/or various carts. 

The three-sided viewing system and bright green divider help you to keep an eye on your towel levels and ensure that you don't start a new tattoo without enough towels to keep you going.

Size: TBD


  • Wall mounting hardware
  • Green divider
  • User manual 
  • Lots of space to sticker the hell out of it!

Optional dispenser clamps sold separately HERE

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