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Dragon Obsessions by Santi Barada

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Product Description

Argentine tattoo artist Santi Barada brings us Dragon Obsession, containing more than twenty years of studies in dragons. In four sections, this book provides a comprehensive breakdown of how to design, colour, and tattoo over 100 styles of dragons.

In the first section, examine over 100 dragons made with various techniques and approaches with full explanations for each design.

In section two, dive into the anatomy of the dragon find out how to create a dragon from beginning to end with special attention given to legs, claws, and classic twists.

In section three, a step-by-step colouring guide sinks its claws into how to paint and colour your dragon, from which colours to use to special techniques for dragons that pop!

And finally, in section four, examine the references, materials, and original sketches used for the development of the pieces in this very book.

Fully bilingual in both Spanish and English.

  • Softcover
  • 8.5x12.5"
  • 182 pages

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