Calgary! Here’s To Another 20 CRAZY Years...
Calgary! Here’s To Another 20 CRAZY Years...

Calgary! Here’s To Another 20 CRAZY Years...

This year's Calgary Tattoo & Arts Fest was the 20th, and the weekend proved that you’re still as passionate and driven as ever. It was a great show, and from our point of view it was flawless

Calgary! Here’s To Another 20 CRAZY Years...


Steve Peace and the organizing crew, how can we possibly thank you enough for always pushing the envelope?

Calgary’s 20th anniversary tattoo convention was nothing short of grandeur. The weekend started off with a great documentary tribute to a legend, Paul Jeffries, who celebrated his 40 years of tattooing and a well deserved retirement. About 500 tattooers came to the gala and film premiere of “200 Hours”.

Big names in tattooing were in attendance, like the iconic Jack Rudy from California, Henning made it from Denmark, and Trevor Mcstay from Australia. There was also representation from the newer generation of great tattooers including; our good friend @safwanmtl from Montreal with his old pal @davepscee, and the Top Cat crew. Not to mention, the organizers of the other Canadian tattoo shows like our good friends Rich Handford, Milena Fusco, Dan Allaston, Steve Clark and Dax, all showed up for this massive 20th celebration of the Calgary tattoo show. Everyone passionate about tattooing knew this was going to be a big event and it was nothing short of that.

They rolled out the red carpet for the movie premiere of 200 Hours

It goes without saying that the energy was through the roof. For many, this was the last big show of the year on the Canadian Circuit.

Artists and colleagues started gathering very early as they anticipated that whole weekend to be THE BOMB! With great ticket sales, the collectors were flowing in early on which was very satisfying for the artists who were eager to get going. Imagine a collector having to browse through about 700 artists before choosing! Hahah!

Machines were buzzing, and spinning - in the spirit of the rotary users! ;) Everyone was eager to show their skills and of course, mingle and meet new friends. The vibe we were looking for was there.

We couldn't be more happy to see @ta2peel, who judged all weekend and kept us laughing. Let's be honest, we’d been looking forward to this for a while and you sure kept our Eikon Road Team’s spirits high and lifted up the whole weekend… Thank you Peel!

L-R: Peel, Rob, Anastasia, Karen and Patrick saying “Hi!” to Brian Ragusin

Being a pillar of Canadian tattoo Shows, Calgary did not disappoint. The tattoo quality was there, along with those little bangers that seemed to thrive in this tattoo convention environment. This year’s Tattoo of the Day awards always designed by Adrian Kalyn, were spooky and a topic of discussion all weekend.

The Calgary trophies were paired up with our own special Calgary Tattoo Show edition ES500, etched with the show’s poster illustration by @amymymouse. (It was good to see you again Amy!)

2023 Calgary Tattoo Show Poster Artist Amy Mymouse with the Special Edition ES500

There were some great performances for Adult Friday and Tracksuit Friday for Ben Alway was in prime time! Calgary was tight, pun intended. Even the man himself, @stevepeacetattoos, yes, the guy behind the Alberta Tattoo Shows, took time to get tattooed by Amy Mymouse AND get a face tattoo by Mate Tatau Moorea… Craziness!!

Calgary offered quite a few seminars, one of them hosted by Black and Grey master (he won’t like me saying this) @Chiwontattoo. Chiwon was pretty pleased with the attendees and vice versa. By the way seminar attendees, did you get your discount code? Ask Chiwon!

The famous Ink and Supplies stations were there, always appreciated and now expected. All the little things were taken care of while you were at the show, a skill that comes from years of practice. Thank you once more Steve and the crew.

All of you who came by Eikon Supply booth, we love you! You rock! Your support means the world to us!

We’ll see you next year in Calgary on Oct 18-19-20, 2024 at the Stampede BMO Centre. Apparently, the construction will be finished by then and we’ll be in one big hall. How cool is that?

Cheers and see y’all next year!

The Eikon Road Team!


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